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Mark Januszewski, Flo, and meHello, and thanks so much for visiting my “about me” page.

My name is Ed Rubi, and in the picture to the left there you’ll see me, in my first Hawaiian shirt, my wife Flo, and Mark “Mark J” Januszewski.

This picture was taken in Kaua’i, Hawaii, at a free event that that Mark, and his wife, The Fabulous Davene hosted for members of Go90Grow, a network marketing course.

I have to tell you, I learned a lot, but mostly I learned how much Mark and Davene really care about people.  They are the kind of people that you just know, when you meet them, that they have a heart of gold, and a real desire to be of service to people.

Which now brings us to what this site is all about, Charles Haanel’s the Master Key System.  Actually, this blog is where I am journaling about my experiences while taking Mark Januszewski’s, Master Key Master Mind Alliance course.  His course is base on, as the title indicates, the book Master Key System.

To find out what the Master Key System is all about, check out my first post, where I explain it all.

Thanks again for stopping by, and like Mark J is so fond of saying… “Peace be the journey”.

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