Master Key Master Mind Alliance Week 12 – Coincidence?

This week something very interesting happened.  I have been to my veterinarians dozens of times before, but never with a goal to rescue dogs in mind.  My goal really had nothing to do with my veterinarian, I just love my dog, and dogs in general; although my dog is the best dog ever.  :)

I took my dog to see our vet for a routine procedure, and that night there happened to be a waiting room full of dogs, when I had never seen that before in all the years that we’ve taken our dog, Keysha, there.  We walked in, and Keysha seemed to be at her best behavior, not growling, or barking at any of the other K9′s.

Soon, a woman named Lori walked into the room with an Australian cattle dog, that she later told me was a puppy, about 1 year of age.  The dog was rambunctious, and she was very patient with it.  Lori told me that she specialized in rescuing “herding dogs” and that the puppy she was there with was named Ralphie.

After talking to her for a bit, she told me that there were many organizations that would help people like me who wanted to rescue dogs.  I had no idea that any organization was out there to help people like me, but I was stunned, and grateful to hear that I had options.

The story is a nice one, but the most amazing things are these facts.

  1. One of my goals is to rescue dogs, and find awesome owners for them
  2. I was going to research rescuing dogs
  3. I have been thinking about rescuing dogs since the Master Key Master Mind Alliance started
  4. It’s part of my Definite Major Purpose (DMP) to do so, and it has been for a while now
  5. It’s on my “Movie Poster” (Dream board)

Movie Poster

Lori told me where to go to get information.  She told me that I had options for help to get started, and she gave me here phone number and email address in case I had any questions.

You may thing that this was a coincidence, but I would beg to differ.  Things like this happen sometimes, and we thing nothing of it.  Sometimes, if we really stop to think about it, we may find that nothing that happens to us is due to chance, but it’s because we brought it upon ourselves.

I think that we all need to stop and think about the seemingly unimportant things that happen to us.  If we do, we may find that they are not actually, “unimportant”, but that God’s trying to tell us something.  He’s trying to help us, but we have to be attuned to what he has to reveal.

Let me put it this way.  Sometime things occur in our lives, and it seems as though it’s just life unraveling day by day, as it always has for us, but if we really stop to think about our daily lives, we may actually RECOGNIZE something important for us, that we can RELATE to our purpose in life, then ASSIMILATE its meaning, and APPLY it to benefit our purpose in life (R2A2).

Things in our lives happen for a reason, like I told Lori.  Some may consider it coincidence, but I think it’s important to pay attention and really consider the seemingly mundane occurrences in our everyday lives, because we may miss something that could be pivotal for us.  If I didn’t take time to think, I know this incident would have slipped by unnoticed.

6 thoughts on “Master Key Master Mind Alliance Week 12 – Coincidence?

  1. R2A2! “There are no coincidences”, only effects of the causes that we’ve set in motion. It’s exciting when you recognize them and realize the greater meaning behind each one!

  2. Hi Ed,
    This is a great example of our thoughts creating outcomes. I can think of three or four people, including my daughter-in-law and some close friends who have rescued dogs and cats too. They are all caring people like you.

  3. I agree that there are no coincidences, that we are being told or shown something. We need to ever observant of what is happening and acknowledge the moment and be thankful. The more you do this the more you receive. When you don’t listen, you usually are sorry. The rescue dogs shows what kind of person you are. Kudos.

  4. I agree that there are no coincidences and that we need to be watching for these moments. How many times have you been given a “message” and not listened only to wish that you had. Your feelings about the rescue dogs is inspiring. thanks.

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