Master Key Master Mind Alliance Week 16 – Be the Watchman

As I did my exercises this week, and read through the Master Key System, one line from the book stuck in my head.  It’s the first half, of the sentence starting at chapter 16, paragraph 30.

“You will readily see that what we think determines the quality of mind…”

What is the quality of your mind?  On what things do you hold your thoughts?  What do you let into your mind, and what thoughts make it into your subconscious to stay?  Where did these thoughts come from, and how did they get there?

I’ve thought hard about these questions since reading that line in the Master Key System.

Influence - Master Key Master Mind AllianceWhen we are born, our initial thoughts are fed to us by our parents, or whoever raises us from infancy.  Then, as we get older, our friends tend to influence us, and put thoughts into our minds.  We may also be influenced by other relatives, teachers, coaches, the books we read, the media, the internet, billboards, radio, strangers and so on.

Rarely, do we stop to relax our minds, and truly think.  For most of us, the white noise is constantly entering our ears, and then our minds, and many times those thoughts go to live in our subconscious.  We are bombarded with people’s opinions, people trying to sell us things, both material things, and ideas.  A constant din, that after a while, we accept as the norm.  Then we die?

Really?  Is that all there is?  Social influence, and then we’re gone?  In an instant?

The Master Key Master Mind Alliance, has taught me that it doesn’t have to be this way. We, as human beings, can choose what ideas and thoughts to accept into our conscious minds, and ultimately allow to live in our subconscious minds.  In a previous post, I mentioned that the Master Key System states that the conscious mind, is “the watchman at the gate, of the great subconscious domain”.  For example someone says something negative to themselves like, “I’m so stupid, I’m so stupid, I’m so stupid”, it will go to live in your subby, and actually become a part of you.  So, watch your self talk, you have a choice as to what you think about.

Remember: The Law of Substitution

We cannot think about 2 things at the same time.  If a negative thought enters your mind, try to think about God instead.  If that’s too big a reach at the time, use any fond memory or other pleasant thought.  Jesus, the Master Teacher, said, “Resist not evil”, meaning turn from it, and think about something else instead.

Your subconscious can also be influenced by your environment.  You’ve heard, “If you lay with dogs, you’ll wake up with fleas”, yes?  If you start hanging around people who cuss up a storm, then you will soon find yourself doing the same.  If you hang out with people that are violent, you will soon find that you are desensitized to it, and it won’t even bother you anymore.  If you hang out with drug users, then… Well, you get it.

Bad News - Master Key SystemThe media, in my opinion, is the worst.  They have a way of influencing the public.  They can fabricate a news story and make you believe something that’s not true.  When they’re not doing that, most of what is shown on TV is negative.  Someone was beat up, someone was robbed, someone was shot and killed.  Did you ever notice that a news broadcast never starts on a positive note, but ALWAYS on something negative.  People soon learn to thrive on misery, and it becomes the norm.

I can go on, and on, but I’ll stop there.  I’m sure you get it.  ”The watchman at the gate” of your great subconscious mind has to always be on high alert.  You’re bombarded daily, and soon you don’t even notice the constant din.

I’ll end this post with a challenge to you.  This week we, in the Master Key Master Mind Alliance, were instructed to look for kindness around us, as we go about our day.  We were then required to go to our Master Key Master Mind Alliance website, and post at least two acts of kindness that we witnessed, or did that day.  Last time I checked, there were 2,186 comments about kindness going on from all over the world, as our MKMMA members span the globe.  AWESOME!!!

Have you ever noticed that when you buy a new car, even though you never noticed your model before, you suddenly see you car model everywhere?  It’s the same with our kindness exercise.  When you start looking for kindness, and being more kind, you’ll see it. But it works the other way too, if you pay attention to nasty, bitter, sour people; you will soon see them everywhere, and start acting like them, and then it will be your reality your norm.

MKMMA - Watchman


The choice IS yours; Oh watchman at the gate!



5 thoughts on “Master Key Master Mind Alliance Week 16 – Be the Watchman

  1. Ed, your blog is a great review. Thanks for the quote, 16:30, “You will readily see that what we think determines the quality of mind and that quality of mind in turn determines our ability and mental capacity …” I know this, but reading that sentence, triggered a deeper feeling. The picture of the watchman is great. It is a great reminder. Sorry this is late.

  2. Ed, you are right on target with your thoughts here. I like how you traced the “quality of mind” idea from birth to adulthood. After thinking about what you’ve said here, I realized that I had never before how important that quality of mind is in parenting. Thanks for your effort.

  3. Great post Ed! I really limit the negative TV/news that I watch, so when I see it it really horrifies me. It saddens me that people are so desensitized & not bothered by it. Loved the Kindness Week

  4. Great piece of thinking Ed, I agree 100%. News outlets are like Rock n’ Rollers. Some have found shock as a way to prosper. Follow the truth & Believe.

  5. Ed, Great post. Just like others, soon after the start of the MKMMA I stopped reading the news. I rarely watched TV news anyway so it wasn’t an issue for me. The worst part for me was all the news on the web. I had to change some habits but now I do not even miss it.

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