Master Key Master Mind Alliance Week 17 – Our Magnetic Minds

In week 17 of the Master Key Master Mind Alliance, we are of course in part 17 of the Master Key System.  Every week brings new insights for me, and this week was no magnetexception.

17:7 …the mind is a magnet…

Although it never struck me previously, these few words seemed to jump out at me from part 17 of the Master Key System.  When I read this, I visualized two different scenarios in my mind.  I had two opposing, powerful visions.

In one vision, my mind was focused on productive, and positive thoughts, where I focused Master Key System - Thoughtmy thoughts on my achievements and aspirations.  When I imagined myself thinking about positive things, I also saw my head held high, my chest out and shoulders back, and I was also taking deep breaths.  In my vision, the sky was blue, and I was happy, because my future was bright, and I had faith in my positive future.  This vision gave me a sense of well being, and I felt light and unencumbered.

I then contrasted this vision with a more desolate visage.  I saw myself focused on the Master Key System - Gloomthings that I did not want to manifest in my life.  I was scared, my shoulders were hunched, my head was down, but my eyes were wide with fear, and I was looking around expecting something bad to happen to me at any moment.  The sky, in this vision, was black and gray, and there were crows adrift in the windy sky, watching me.  I felt very heavy, and almost unable to move my body because I was focused on my fears.

It was right then, that I realized that I have a choice, and so do you.  The mind is a magnet, and thoughts are things.  I felt that in each of the aforementioned visions, I was attracting to myself, like a magnet, that which I focused on.  In the first, blue skies, and a feeling of well being with faith and certainty that the things I want in my life will come to pass.  In the second, fear distorted my reality, and there was also certainty that bad things were going to happen to me.

When we decide where to focus our minds, we must realize that our mind is truly a magnet.  Charles Haanel says, in the Master Key System…

17:4  The astronomer centers his mind on the stars and they give forth their secrets; the geologists centers his mind on the construction of the earth and we have geology; so with all things.  Men center their minds on the problems of life, and the result is apparent in the vast and complex social order of the day.

Would it be OK with you if I ask you a question?  Where do most people center their mind, on problems, or solutions?  Now consider this, the greatest minds in history are considered to be great thinkers, and the key element in the term “great thinker” is think.

MKMMA - EinsteinMaster Key System - EmersonChurchill - Mark Januszewski

Do you think Einstein sat for two minutes, and in that short time all his life’s insights came to him?  Did Ralph Waldo Emerson not think before he composed his literary marvels?  Did Winston Churchill flip a coin to decide what was best for his country?  No, they all centered their mind’s on what they wanted to accomplish, and did not wallow in fear.

I implore you now, unless of course you are already part of the Master Key Master Mind Alliance, because you are already doing it, to be still, and think about the person you want to become.  Think about your ideal outcome, and don’t give a iota of energy to what you fear, because though is power.  Again, referring back to chapter 17 of the Master Key System, Haanel instructs…

17:34  If you wish to eliminate fear, concentrate on courage.

17:35  If you wish to eliminate lack, concentrate on abundance.

17:36  If you wish to eliminate disease, concentrate on health.

What are you concentrating your thoughts on, and does it serve you?  Your mind is a magnet! 

6 thoughts on “Master Key Master Mind Alliance Week 17 – Our Magnetic Minds

  1. Great post, Ed! Those three lines you quote at the end within part 17 are extremely good reminders that our thoughts are power. Concentrate on what I want…got it!

  2. Thanks Ed for reminding us of the powerful alignment of thought and concentration. The energy of your conviction is felt in your words.

  3. Choice is the power that Universal has given us to master and control our lives. Where we are is a direct reflection of the choices WE made… No one else is to be held on the line for where we are. It is powerful to realize this, and wonderfully taught in the Keys, and wonderful illustrated by your words in this post.

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