Master Key Master Mind Alliance Week 1 – What Is It All About?

Master Key System Week 1 – What Is It All About?

Master Key SystemOK, here’s a breakdown of what I’ve learned about the Master Key System, by Charles Haanel. I never even heard of the book until I joined Go90Grow, a network marketing course.  Mark Januszewski, better known as Mark J, added a bonus to his Go90Grow course. The bonus was a Think and Grow Rich course, where Mark taught us how to get the most out of this well known self development book, and his teaching was amazing – IT WAS A HUGE BONUS.

At some point during the Think and Grow Rich course, Mark mentioned that the book was given to him by, W. Clement Stone, a friend and business partner of Napoleon Hill, and someone that Mark J had the privilege of working for during his career.  Mark learned a lot from Stone, and from Think and Grow Rich, and taught us that Napoleon Hill, a “hillbilly”, who didn’t even wear shoes until the age of 12, was given the task by steel magnate, Andrew Carnegie, of interviewing 500 plus successful men, and then outlining a simple success formula that anyone could follow based on his findings.  The result was the now famous Think and Grow Rich book, written by Napoleon Hill.

Hill's Letter to Haanel - Master Key System

Hill’s Letter

But wait… How did a hillbilly from Pound, Virginia know what to ask these men?  Well, Mark explained that before Napoleon Hill set out to start his task, Andrew Carnegie gave him a copy of the Master Key System.  In fact, Napoleon Hill later wrote a letter to Haanel, in which he thanked him for his works, and mentioned that he owes his many successes to the Master Key System.

The reason that I mention some of the history behind this important book, is because it’s not just another self help book.  It not an offshoot of Think and Grow Rich, but rather Think and Grow Rich owes it’s success to the Master Key System, and so do many other self help / success books.  Even many of the self help “gurus”, whether they know it or not, owe some of their success to this pivotal book. 

In closing, I’d like to leave you with this.  During the first week of Mark Januszewski’s version of the Master Key System, he has had us saturate ourselves in thought.  In the Master Keys, one of the first things that Haanel tells us to do is, “Select a room where you can be alone and undisturbed; sit erect, comfortably, but do not lounge; let your thoughts roam where they will but be perfectly still for from fifteen minutes to half an hour; continue this for three or four days or for a week until you secure full control of your physical being.”

The Master Key System is the granddaddy of self improvement books.  Think and Grow Rich happens to be more famous.  Notice the first word in the title of Think and Grow Rich… THINK! And that’s what most people fail to do.  

Dr. Derek AtchleyMy friend Dr. Derek Atchley, who is also taking the Master Key course with me, wrote an excellent post outlining, “Three things to add power to your day and your life“, based on what we are learning in the course.  Check it out, and you’ll get more detailed information as to what to do to get started on the path to success, and let me give you a hint as to what one of the hugely important things you must do to achieve success is… START THINKING! 


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