Press Release

Waves of Blessings, Caused by Rubi’s

By Barry Kholtnow

Staff Writer

Ed and Flo Rubi have been the talk of the Orange County during the past few months.  Not only do they have a heart for people, but they also have a heart for our furry, 4 legged, canine companions.  I found out though, that their success was not something either of them were born with, but that they, like many other people today, had their ups and downs before realizing success.

Master Key System HomeI met them at their modest, Craftsman style, three bedroom home in Orange, CA, and the first thing that I noticed upon entering their home, and everyone would notice the same thing, was that I was greeted by about eight dogs as I walked through the front door.  They inspected me for several minutes as I did my best to gain their approval, and they soon allowed me to go about my business.

Flo, with a smile that lights up the room and makes you instantly feel at ease, apologized for the cold nosed hounds that welcomed me at the door.  Fortunately, I love dogs, and have two of my own, so I told her not to give it a second thought; in fact, I quite enjoyed the welcome party.  She invited me to have a seat on their Davenport style couch, and offered me a cup of joe, with French vanilla creamer, which I gladly accepted, especially since it happened to be a blustery, chilly, day outside.

KeyshaEd soon walked into the room, with a medium sized, black and white dog trotting at his side, and he introduced his dog to me as Keysha.  Keysha, who wasn’t there for my initial inspection, came over to me, her backside and head both wagging, as if I was a long lost friend of hers, and then she fell over and rolled onto her back for a belly rub, which I gladly obliged her.  She’s a dachshund mix, I was told, and found her to be a very lovable, cute, unique little girl!

Ed came over and shook my hand with a firm grip, and asked me if I would like some coffee, at which time Flo re-entered the living room with a tray of three cups of coffee, and some shortbread cookies.  They gave each other a smile, and a quick kiss, and Flo set the tray on the oak coffee table in the middle of the room.  Once we were all sat and comfortable, I was ready to find out what made Ed and Flo Rubi tick.

First off, I had to ask about the dogs.  I had heard that they rescue dogs, and find awesome owners for them, but why do they do this, and why so many?

Ed & Edward“Well”, Ed began with a smile, and a laugh, “I actually made a big mistake, huge, when I was coaching little league one season.  There was a manager on another team that was not able to coach the all star team that season, so they asked if I was willing to take over, and I said I was.  Uh, I forgot that our anniversary was coming up soon, and that the all star tournament would still be going on the day of our anniversary, and we had already made plans to go out of town to celebrate.”

Ed continued, “So, when I told Flo,” they looked at each other and smiled, “she said, ‘Did you forget something’, and that’s when I realized my mistake.”  ”So, what did you do?” I asked.  ”I did the only thing I could think of.  Flo and I had been talking about getting a dog for a while, but we, mostly me, had been putting it off, so I asked her if she wanted to get that dog we had been talking about, to make up for my mistake.  That was after I apologized profusely, of course, and she agreed to it.  It was one of the best decisions we’ve made, and Keysha has so enriched our lives.”

“Yeah, but that’s only one dog, how did you end up with… Uh, how many dogs do you have?” I asked.  ”We have 10 right now, not counting Keysha, so 11 total.  What happened was, we got Keysha, fell in love with her, and Flo and I love to take turns reading out loud to each other from books that we pick together.  We ended up reading several true story ‘dog’ books, and they inspired us to start rescuing these beautiful animals.”

Just then, two kids ran into the room, chasing after an extremely large dog, a mastiff. They were about 5 years old, a boy and a girl, and when they realized that I was sitting there, they stopped in their tracks, and got that shy look in their eyes that many kids tend to get upon meeting new people. They sprinted to Flo’s side, and each grabbed one side of her blouse, and held close to her.  Flo then lovingly put her arms around them, and introduced them as Nathanael, and Hope, their “little blessings”, and told them to go play with their toys while we talked.  They both said, “Nice to meet you”, in their adorable little baby voices, and ran out of the room giggling as they went to play.

“OK, besides rescuing dogs, I heard that you two are also philanthropists who give, for the most part, anonymously.  Can you tell me more about that?”

Ed chimed in, “One of our favorite things to do is pay for stuff that people need, but can’t afford.  For example, we buy lunch for people we don’t know, sometimes entire restaurants full of people.  If we see a car with bald tires, we have an arrangement with a local shop to bill us for people that we send to them to have new tires put on their car. So, we’ll see someone who needs tires, and we leave a note on their car with the information that they need like the mechanic’s address, the fact that up to 4 tires have been paid for, and a ‘God Bless you’, and ‘please pay it forward’ when you can.”  Flo interjected, “It’s such a great feeling to share our blessings with others.”

“Well”, I said, “How can you afford to do that?  It’s not a common thing of course, what you do, and the amount of money you freely spend on others.”

“Flo and I didn’t always have it this good.  We struggled, including losing a condo we owned, and filing for bankruptcy, but then thank God that we found network marketing, specifically WorldVentures, which led us to Mark Januszewski, The World’s Laziest Networker, who showed me how to take control of my mind, and thoughts, in order to be successful at all life’s goals.”

Master Key System“How did he do that?” I asked.  ”Mark taught a course called the Master Key Master Mind Alliance, and it revolves around a book, by Charles Haanel, called the Master Key System. You’ve heard of the book Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill, haven’t you?”  I told him I had.  ”Well, a lot of people don’t realize that Andrew Carnegie gave the Master Key System to Napoleon Hill, and he told him to read it before going out and doing his research for Think and Grow Rich, and you know how that story ended.”

“Wow”, I had no idea I exclaimed, then asked, “What did it do for you exactly?”

Master Key System Blueprint“It changed my mental blueprint.  It was hard work, but well worth it.  I had a lot of reading to do, and I also reprogrammed my subconscious with affirmations.  You see, the conscious mind, which controls what we think and say, feeds the subconscious mind, that mysterious mind that never sleeps, and it controls things we do automatically, like our heart beat, breathing, things like that.

Ed continued, “The subconscious mind does not reason, or argue.  It takes what the conscious mind tells it, and embeds it, deeply, into itself.  So, for example, if you say to yourself, ‘I’m always late, I’m always late’, guess what, your subby, like Mark J. calls it, doesn’t contest it, but makes you tardy to just about every place you have to go.  Your previously programmed subconscious thoughts can be reprogrammed though, and that’s what I learned to do in Mark’s Master Key Master Mind Alliance.”

“How did this help you become successful?” I inquired.

“Flo and I, have always had a heart for helping people, so via our WorldVentures business, we were able to change the financial destiny of thousands of people.  Using the skills that Mark J taught us, we streamlined our business, and built groups of people that are a blessing to other people, that built groups of people that are a blessing to even more people, and so on, and so on.  Our “Pay it Forward” team is in the tens of thousands now, so we’ve helped several thousand people get what they wanted out of life, and that caused us to get what we wanted, all because we’ve helped from our hearts.  By the way, you ain’t seen nothing yet; the blessing of others, from what God has blessed us with, will never stop.”

Master Key System RippleSo I got the scoop.  I know what the buzz is all about now. People, “mysteriously” being blessed, not only by Ed and Flo Rubi, but also by the people that they blessed through their business, and by the people they anonymously blessed, by asking them to pay it forward. It’s a ripple effect, a wave of blessings, and the Rubi’s are the epicenter.

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  1. I have 2 rescues a Papillion and and a Miniature American Eskimo… love them to death… well written and well sentimentalized.

    • I love it! I love our dog Keysha, and can’t wait to rescue more. I love all animals, but I believe God’s greatest work is our four legged companions!

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