Master Key Master Mind Alliance Week 22a – I Have to Wear Shades

Changes - MKMMAThinking back over the past several months, I can see huge changes in my life thanks to the Master Key Master Mind Alliance.  These changes are due to the fact that Mark and Davene Januszewski, and Trish, have taught us how to properly use our minds to create a better outcome for ourselves.

Not only have we learned how to be happier people, but we have also learned to love others, unconditionally.  We have learned also, that we can manifest anything in our lives, and that we do this with laser focused concentration on the thing that we want.  This laser focus, in our quiet time (15 minutes or more), allows us to connect with the omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent creator, and for me, that’s my God of the Bible.

Connect with God - Master Key System

This, in fact, is what I’ve gotten most of from the Master Key Master Mind Alliance.  I have learned how to truly connect with God.  Just this one aspect of the MKMMA, to me, is the most important thing, because of my Christian faith.  A direct connection with God; Awesome!

I know that there are many other lessons within the Master Key Master Mind Alliance course that I don’t have the time to recap here; otherwise, you’d be reading a small book, and not a blog post.  Many people have had breakthroughs different from mine.  I have read some of them, and I am so happy for their successes.

MKMMA - Leaving the NestI am sad that the Master Key Master Mind Alliance is winding down, in fact, there are only a couple of weeks left in the course.  I am kind of emotional person as it is, so when it ends, I will feel some sorrow, and I will miss the conference calls, and the lessons taught by Mark, Davene, and Trish.  I look at it this way though, a parent raises a child up until it’s time for them to leave the nest (home), and then they are on their way to fail or succeed.

It will soon be time to leave the nest, but what we have been given is a strong, solid foundation, that most people walking this earth have never even been offered, so if we continue in the ways that we’ve been taught in the MKMMA, we will be creating remarkable lives for ourselves.  Although the MKMMA is almost over, I look forward to reviewing everything starting from week one of the Master Key Master Mind Alliance.  I’m excited to see the things that I may have missed along the way, and for the additional growth I will have.

Shades - Master Key SystemIt’s almost over, yes, but that’s just the MKMMA course.  Our lives will continue, and now we know how to create a secure, bright future.  In fact, for the first time in a long time I feel like my future is so bright, I have to wear shades.

Master Key Master Mind Alliance Week 19 – Connected to God

During each week of the Master Key Master Mind Alliance, there there are a variety of things that we can blog about, and this week is no exception.  This week; however, I would like to discuss something that has happened to me during the MKMMA journey, that I am so elated about.  Something that was totally unexpected, but so very welcomed in my life, and that’s my relationship with God.

MKMMA - The sitOne of the things that we do on a daily basis is sit, and think for at least 15 minutes at a time.  The Master Keys System actually gives us specific things to think about while we have our “15 minute sit”.  For example, one week, we were instructed to think about, imagine if you will, your favorite flower.  We were to sit for 15 minutes and visualize, in our minds, planting the seed, watering it, caring for it, and placing it in where it will get direct sunlight.  We were then to imagine the seed bursting into a living thing.  We saw the roots penetrating the earth, and imagined them shooting out in all directions.  We saw the stem shooting out of the earth, reaching for the sunshine.  You get the idea.  We saw this, one of God’s creations grow, from a seed, to His magnificent creation.

I had never really sat quietly for any length of time, but we have been sitting now, quietly for several months.  I used to struggle with it, but now I enjoy it, and I never thought that I would “enjoy” sitting and thinking.

Thinking has caused me to connect with God in a more powerful way.  In the Master Key System, Haanel writes that thinking is the only way to connect with the Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent creator.  To me, that’s God, and I have to say that I have been guilty of just throwing out a prayer, not on a regular basis mind you, that had little substance if any.

Connection to God - MKMMA

Now, when I open my Bible, I have a strong feeling of a connection to God.  I understand now, that in my quiet time with my Lord, is when the magic happens.  When I read the words in my Bible, I know that it is God speaking to me, and what He says in His Word (The Bible), are His promises to His people (me and you), and there’s nothing more powerful than that.

I am grateful, first of all to God for creating us.  I’m grateful for the Bible, and God’s word. I’m grateful for the Master Key System, and I’m grateful for Mark and Davene Januszewski, for putting the Master Key Master Mind Alliance together.  This has strengthened, and created a stronger connection to Christ for me, and there’s nothing more important than that.

Master Key Master Mind Alliance Week 17 – Our Magnetic Minds

In week 17 of the Master Key Master Mind Alliance, we are of course in part 17 of the Master Key System.  Every week brings new insights for me, and this week was no magnetexception.

17:7 …the mind is a magnet…

Although it never struck me previously, these few words seemed to jump out at me from part 17 of the Master Key System.  When I read this, I visualized two different scenarios in my mind.  I had two opposing, powerful visions.

In one vision, my mind was focused on productive, and positive thoughts, where I focused Master Key System - Thoughtmy thoughts on my achievements and aspirations.  When I imagined myself thinking about positive things, I also saw my head held high, my chest out and shoulders back, and I was also taking deep breaths.  In my vision, the sky was blue, and I was happy, because my future was bright, and I had faith in my positive future.  This vision gave me a sense of well being, and I felt light and unencumbered.

I then contrasted this vision with a more desolate visage.  I saw myself focused on the Master Key System - Gloomthings that I did not want to manifest in my life.  I was scared, my shoulders were hunched, my head was down, but my eyes were wide with fear, and I was looking around expecting something bad to happen to me at any moment.  The sky, in this vision, was black and gray, and there were crows adrift in the windy sky, watching me.  I felt very heavy, and almost unable to move my body because I was focused on my fears.

It was right then, that I realized that I have a choice, and so do you.  The mind is a magnet, and thoughts are things.  I felt that in each of the aforementioned visions, I was attracting to myself, like a magnet, that which I focused on.  In the first, blue skies, and a feeling of well being with faith and certainty that the things I want in my life will come to pass.  In the second, fear distorted my reality, and there was also certainty that bad things were going to happen to me.

When we decide where to focus our minds, we must realize that our mind is truly a magnet.  Charles Haanel says, in the Master Key System…

17:4  The astronomer centers his mind on the stars and they give forth their secrets; the geologists centers his mind on the construction of the earth and we have geology; so with all things.  Men center their minds on the problems of life, and the result is apparent in the vast and complex social order of the day.

Would it be OK with you if I ask you a question?  Where do most people center their mind, on problems, or solutions?  Now consider this, the greatest minds in history are considered to be great thinkers, and the key element in the term “great thinker” is think.

MKMMA - EinsteinMaster Key System - EmersonChurchill - Mark Januszewski

Do you think Einstein sat for two minutes, and in that short time all his life’s insights came to him?  Did Ralph Waldo Emerson not think before he composed his literary marvels?  Did Winston Churchill flip a coin to decide what was best for his country?  No, they all centered their mind’s on what they wanted to accomplish, and did not wallow in fear.

I implore you now, unless of course you are already part of the Master Key Master Mind Alliance, because you are already doing it, to be still, and think about the person you want to become.  Think about your ideal outcome, and don’t give a iota of energy to what you fear, because though is power.  Again, referring back to chapter 17 of the Master Key System, Haanel instructs…

17:34  If you wish to eliminate fear, concentrate on courage.

17:35  If you wish to eliminate lack, concentrate on abundance.

17:36  If you wish to eliminate disease, concentrate on health.

What are you concentrating your thoughts on, and does it serve you?  Your mind is a magnet! 

Master Key Master Mind Alliance Week 14 – Rudy (The Movie), and Persistence

RUDY - Master Key Master Mind AllianceFor week 14 we were asked to watch a movie, and then blog about the persistence that the protagonist showed in the movie.  I chose to watch a movie that I had never seen before, and as the title of this post reveals, I chose Rudy, starring Sean Astin, as Daniel E. ‘Rudy’ Ruettiger.

The movie starts with Daniel Eugene “Rudy” Ruettiger, who grew up in a steel mill town, and his Definite Major Purpose (DMP) in life is to play football for Notre Dame. This was going to be a difficult task, because he was not a big man.  In fact, the real Rudy Ruettinger, was only 5″6, and when I say “only”, I don’t mean anything by it, as that’s how tall I am.  :)

The game, and school, mean the world to his father, and Rudy’s dreamed of playing there since he was a kid.  His brother’s gave him a hard time though, and kinda babied him all his life, so he wouldn’t get hurt playing football with the neighborhood kids.  They would have him play positions where he would not get hurt, but he insisted on playing other, much harder positions, and he was all heart where ever he played.  The following clip is from Rudy, and it was one of my favorites.  It shows how much heart Rudy had, and how NOTHING was gonna stop him.

When I saw that they were trying to protect their little brother, I thought to myself that that’s what people tend to do to each other.  Your parents may try to protect you, and tell you to get real, and quit dreaming.  Your friends may say that you’re a day dreamer, and you should get a real job.  Your acquaintances may think that your dreams are foolish, and they may think that because they don’t want you getting hurt, or because they’re jealous.  Our dreams, by the time that we reach adulthood, are often put on the back burner and forgotten.  All because we are told to “get real”, and follow the 95% that are miserable with their lives, and/or just getting by financially.

So, Rudy, at one point in the movie was dissuaded by one of his high school teachers, a priest, just as he was going to board a bus that was taking students to tour the Notre Dame campus.  Rudy was excited, and right when he was the next person that was to get on the bus, that’s when the teacher stopped him and asked him what he thought he was doing, and told him he would never go to Notre Dame, because he didn’t have the grades.  Rudy walked away from the bus that day, and this delayed his actually playing for Notre Dame about four years.

One day, during those four years, his best friend, someone who always believed in him, had an accident at that steel mill where they both worked, and Rudy saw his best friend get killed.  This reignited his Definite Major Purpose in his life, and he focused once again on what was really important to him, playing football at Notre Dame.  (Spoiler alert!)  He finally did achieve what he always dreamed of, although it wasn’t easy.

This made me think about an interesting thing that we learned in the Master Key System. We were taught something called, The Law of Dual Thought.  The Law of Dual Thought states that, “Thought is a combination of ideation and feeling.  We can attach any feeling to a thought we want.”  We were also taught to read our DMP’s with enthuuuuuusiasm, like Mark Januszewski likes to say, and emotion.  This gets our goals and dreams into our subconscious, and creates a demand in our subby.  This demand causes our subconscious mind to work 24/7 to meet the demand we put on it.  It’s like emotion is the glue that makes our dreams stick, and become real.

I once read somewhere, that at times of heightened emotion, is when change happensemotion in a person. Infusing our DMP with emotion creates changes in our subconscious, and change happens.  When Rudy’s saw his best friend killed, his emotions were heightened, and Rudy’s mindset changed, and his life changed.  He stopped listening to the people that were jealous of his dreams, or were trying to “protect” him, and started living by the compass – with complete focus on his purpose.

I could go on and on, but I’ll stop.  These are the most important things that I gleaned from watching this movie.  First of all, hold on to your dreams, and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t accomplish something that you set your mind to.  Also, infuse your dreams with emotion, and create a demand on your subconscious, so it will help you achieve the things you want whether it’s playing for Notre Dame, or owning a red Lamborghini.  You CAN do it… Just FOCUS with a BURNING DESIRE, and never be dissuaded.

Master Key Master Mind Alliance Week 11 – Childlike Belief

MKMMA Master Key SystemIn the Charles Haanel’s, Master Key System, in chapter 11, he reminds us of the Bible scripture that says, “What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them” (Mark 11:24).  Another translation, and the one that I use states, “Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them.“ ~NKJV


The scripture immediately before verse 24 states, “For assuredly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be removed and be cast into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that those things he says will be done, he will have whatever he says.” (Mark 11:23, NKJV).  I would think that these two scriptures would go hand in hand, and not be separated when talking about belief, but at least in this case, they were.

Scolding - MKMMA


It’s easy to see why they are both important.  We, as humans, run into many mountains in our lifetime, and some of them, without strong belief, can crush us.  We must believe! It’s very important but, sadly, the desire to believe is trained out of us from a very young age.

Think about the little boy, or girl, when talking about how much they love to swim exclaims, “When I grow up, I’m gonna have an ginormous swimming pool inside of my house, and I’m gonna buy one for my neighbor, and my best friend, and my cousin Alex.”  What would most rational adults say to a statement like that?  ”Oh, no.  That’s not possible”. “Oh, that’s silly, stop dreaming and get real.”  ”Now come on Paul, stop day dreaming, and act like a grown up”.  On and on it goes, until we forget how to dream, and dream big, or we are afraid if we do, we’ll be ridiculed.

Dream Big MKMMA

I’ll tell you this, if not dreaming means you have grown up… Then no thank you, I’d rather dream like a child, than waste away as an adult.  When dreams are dashed, so are beliefs, and when you think of the young dreamer, don’t you think that he truly believes his dreams with all his heart.  I think so.

I decided, even before starting the Master Key Master Mind Alliance, that I will not settle for being an adult in the sense that my dreams no longer matter.  I’ve learned, while in Mark Januszewski’s, MKMMA course, how to vividly dream again, how to truly think, and how to truly believe, and connect with my Lord and Savior.  I can see my dreams and my future clearly, and it’s so bright, that I have to wear shades.  I dream big… Like a child.

Master Key Master Mind Alliance Week 8 – Grateful

Anthony Robbins - MKMMAThis week, I will keep my post short, and give you some of the main observations from what I have learned so far.  I am a big Anthony Robbins fan, arguably the most popular personal development guru out there, and I love what he does for people.  I believe that he has a heart for the people that choose to listen to him, and a heart for the people that don’t.  I believe that he is a man of integrity, and that he loves God.  This is what I have gathered, based on all the programs that I’ve bought from him; however, I personally don’t consider Tony Robbins personal development programs to be the best anymore.

Mark & Davene Januszewski

I BELIEVE, in my heart, and in my spirit, that the team of Mark and Davene Januszewski any of Robbin’s programs.  I believe that what the Januszewski’s have done with their Master Key Master Mind Alliance program far exceeds anything any other personal development guru has tried to accomplish.  This MKMMA course, I know, is something done from their hearts, and they want us all to succeed in any personal goal that we might have.  They also, and most of all, want us to find our own personal BLISS, and live it.

Mark and Davene have immersed us, their MKMMA members, in a total and complete, positive mental environment, without directing us as to what our personal goals should be.  We, are finding our own way, and all our paths are different.

Here is what I have found.  Each and everyone of us is unique (obvious), but most of us don’t realize what our true potential is (we’re lost).  We do have the ability to find our way, and find our bliss, and with the Master Key Master Mind Alliance, we have a short cut to our personal purpose.

MKMMA - ConfidenceI have never felt more sure of where I’m going.  I have never felt more confidence about my personal outcome.  I have rarely been more confident of myself, and I can’t tell you what a relief that is, as I have mentally, physically, and financially struggled through life for the last several years.  For this, I’m grateful, first of all to God, and then to the Januszewski’s.  Thank you!

Master Key Master Mind Alliance Week 7 – The Clock Is Dead To Me

Master Key System ThinkI sat for 15 minutes, like I’ve done for the past month and a half, quietly, and without movement.  This time, I was to sit and think about a friend, and see him in my mind like I last saw him.  I was to visualize every detail of the setting that we were last in, including distinctly seeing my friends face.  My friend’s name is Paul, and he has been my best friend since we were both in Boy Scouts as children, and I last saw him on Saturday night.

During my sit this week I was also instructed in the Master Key System, to talk to him, in my thoughts of course, about a mutual interest, and watch his expression change, and see him smile.  Next, I was to tell my friend a story of adventure, then see his face light up as I tell him my story. Charles Haanel says that if we can do this, we are doing well, and making excellent progress.

MKMMA SitI sat for the entire 15 minutes as instructed, without moving; however, at some point during my sit, my nose started to itch.  It was killing me, and I wanted to bring my hand to my nose and scratch, but I knew that I couldn’t.  The next thing I did though, was to take the thoughts in my mind from the scene with my friend, to wondering what the clock read at that point in time.  I was wondering how many more minutes of this itch, that I could not scratch, I would have to endure, when suddenly I realized what Mark Januszewski has been trying to get through to us the last couple of weeks.

Mark asked us to buy a compass, and instructed us to wear it around our neck, or tape it to our watch where the face is.  He told us to do this so that we remember that we should not live by the clock, but live by the compass.  DING, DING, DING!!!

It occurred to me right then, that by doing this mental exercise (the sit), I was working on my Definite Major Purpose (DMP), but when I was focused on the clock, and what time it was, and when this darn “sit” was going to end so that I could scratch my nose, I realized then and there, that’s how most of us live our lives… By the clock.

Consider this; the alarm goes off in the morning, we get out of bed, we get ready and head out the door, so that we will be on time to our job, because we have an itch to scratch called bills, and debt, and we get to scratch them when we get paid.  Then, our stomach growls; we’re hungry, another itch, so we look to the clock, for noon to roll around to scratch that itch.  Next, we get the, I want to go home itch, and that’s an itch we can’t scratch until the clock makes its way around to 5PM.  Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick tock, is the rhythm that dictates most of our lives.  The tick, tock, of the clock.

Clock Compass MKSFreedom from the clock is what Mark is trying to teach us, some of us may get it, and some of us may not get it yet.  We all must learn to live our lives with purpose; have something to strive for.  Find our bliss, or like Mark likes to call it our dharma.  To accomplish this, we cannot look to the clock.

Does the clock give you direction?  No, the compass does.  Without a compass you cannot find your way, and before you know it… Tick, tock, tick, tock.  Your life has passed you by, because you had no direction.  You, and your life, were enslaved by the clock.  I will not go down this way; therefore, the clock is dead to me.

Dead Clock MK

Master Key Master Mind Alliance Week 5 – Press Release Assignment Proves Illuminative

CLICK! I woke up at 2 AM. It was like someone turned on a switch, and that was it; I wasn’t going to fall back asleep anytime soon.

2 AM - Master Key Master Mind Alliance

I knew that I had to get my Press Release composed, and posted on my blog, before the end of Thursday, October 31, 2013. It was a requirement to maintain our Master Key Master Mind Alliance scholarships.  I knew that I would have plenty of time, even if I woke up at my normal time, to get it done before the deadline, but the thought of it would not leave me, so I got out of bed, and went into my office to get started.

Press Release - Master Key SystemI’m the type of person that will spend at least three hours on something like this project, and it took me five. I wrote it, read it, rewrote it, read it, rewrote it… Well, you get the picture. In addition to writing the article, I had to select the pictures that I wanted to put in the post, and that’s a whole other can of worms. It’s funny how my mind works.

One of the first things that we were asked to do for the Master Key Master Mind Alliance course was to write our Definite Major Purpose, or DMP. This is basically the things in life that we want to achieve. For example, one of the goals that I have on my DMP is to help others, including family, and anonymously help people that I don’t know.

The Press Release was to be written as if we already accomplished the things on our DMP, and we were being interviewed about how we did it, and what we did. This assignment was something that struck me as just another writing assignment, but it was POWERFUL!

Crying - MKMMA

I got to a certain point in my writing where I get teary eyed, and the emotions that this project drew out were very strong. During the entire process of writing, and rewriting it really felt as though the things on my DMP had already been completed. I felt joy, excitement, fulfillment, contentment, and love.


I’ve never considered writing about my goals in this manner, but it was yet another tool that Mark J had up his sleeve to change our thinking, and rewrite the old blueprint that’s been embedded in our minds for a long time now. This is hard work, it’s not a walk in the park, we’re just in week 5, and I know that there are many that will drop out before the 26 weeks is up, and I wish that wasn’t true.  I do know though, that I cannot wait to see what’s else is in store for us in the upcoming 21 weeks.  If this is just the beginning, I can only imagine the remarkable path that’s still ahead of us.

Master Key Master Mind Alliance Week 4 – An Epiphany

Week four of the Master Key Mastermind Alliance started with an awesome conference call.  I knew that it was going to be a great week, but I had no idea that I was about to have an epiphany.

I had the, “What the bleep do we Know!?” movie bookmarked on my computer forever, as Mark J mentioned it a while back, but I never go around to watching it.  During this weeks webinar; however, Mark showed a snippet of the video, but it was hard to hear very well, so I decided to watch it in it’s entirety.  While watching the movie, I had an epiphany.

To begin with, if you ever watch The Big Bang Theory, you’ll notice that they talk a lot about quantum physics, and “What the bleep” goes pretty heavily into what it’s all about.  I had no idea though, that it related at all to our thoughts, and how we can manifest things with what we think.

Below is a scene from the movie, and some proof, that what we say, and what we think, effects the world around us.  Keep in mind, that this experiment was performed using water… And our bodies are made up of mostly water.

Amazing right?  There are several experiments that are mentioned in the movie, that prove thoughts effect the world around us.

I almost wept, when I heard what J.Z. Knight, one of the people that were being interviewed in the movie, said about belief.  She talks about Christ’s miracles, and our belief’s.  This clip can be found at 1:02:00, if you are so inclined to take a look.  Even the apostles who were there with Jesus, and saw His miracles, had a hard time believing the miracles that they saw Him perform first hand.

We, our bodies, are the temple of God, so He is within us.  We are one with the omnipotent (God), the creator of the universe, and I believe, my creator.  So we should believe, with full faith, that we can manifest things in our life if they are good, but the problem is, most of us are unaware of God’s power within us.

William Tiller, Ph.D. stated the following in the movie (1:00:25):

“Most people don’t effect reality on a consistent, substantial way because they don’t believe they can.” 

And, Miceal Ledwidth, Ph.D. said (1:00:33):

“Whatever way we observe the world around us, is what comes back to us.  And the reason why my life, for instance is so lacking in joy and happiness and fulfillment, is because my focus is lacking in those same things exactly.  If we’re victims, we should ask ourselves, have I a victim mentality.  If I continue meeting misfortune, accidents and tragedies, maybe it’s because my mentality is basically attuned to accepting that this is the way life is; and so it happens.”

My paradigm, after watching this movie has changed.  I would recommend taking the time to watch the entire movie, but most of you won’t, and just keep on with your, “STINKIN’ THINKIN’, and wonder why, your life is so rough.  I hope you take my advice, and have your own epiphany.

Here’s the entire movie for your convenience…

Master Key Master Mind Alliance Week 2 – In a Nutshell?

We are approaching the end of week 2 of the Master Key System, and have to tell you that I can’t wait for the week’s ahead.  The Master Key System, originally created in 1912 was a 24 week correspondence course, then it was published as a book in 1916.  As I mentioned in my previous post, it’s the granddaddy of personal development books.

Mark Januszewski, using the Master Key System as the nucleus of his version of the Master Key course, has added some great, additional material to help us along the path to success.  One of the books that we are reading from daily, three times a day in fact, is The Greatest Salesman in the World, by Og Mandino.  We were instructed to start reading “The Scroll Marked One”, as Og Mandino said to do in his classic book, morning, noon, and night, for thirty days.


Failure - Master Key System

The point of The Scroll Marked One, in my opinion, is to understand that our habits are what makes us succeed, or fail.  In fact, Mandino writes, “In truth, the only difference between those who have failed and those who have succeeded lies in the difference of their habits.  Good habits are the key to all success.  Bad habits are the unlocked door to failure.  Thus, the first law I will obey, which precedeth all others is – I will form good habits, and become their slaves.”  We, in Mark J’s, Master Key Master Mind Alliance, are well on our way to forming good habits, by training our subconscious mind.

The exercise above is only one part of what we are required to do to keep our course scholarship.  Yes, you read that right, we have requirements to meet, otherwise our scholarship is suspended, and we are free to apply again in two to three years.  Some of the assignments are tangible, and need to be submitted to Mark J, and the Fabulous Davene, and some are assigned and you are trusted to complete them, per the honor system.

We were also asked to create a DMP, or Definite Major Purpose, and to read it out loud three times a day.  This DMP consist of goals that we have for our life, written in the present tense, and charged with feeling and emotion.  For example, someone may have a goal of losing 20 pounds.  To write, “I’m gonna lose 20 lbs by March”, is not a strong enough statement to make a change in the subconscious, to make it start working toward that goal.


I will - Master Key System

A better way of stating this goal would be, “I’m ecstatic that, because I wake up at 5AM each day, to exercise using the P90X program, 6 days a week, I lost at least 20 pounds, on or before, March 1st, 2013, and my health is better than ever!”  See the difference?  This statement is charged with feeling, it’s specific, and when you use phrases like, “on or before”, “by”, and “at least”, you’re telling your subconscious that it’s perfectly acceptable to accomplish your goal before the specified time frame, and it’s OK to lose more than your targeted 20 pounds.

OK, so that’s The Scroll Marked One, and our DMP three times a day, but wait… There’s more! In addition to reading a chapter of the Master Key System daily, for a week, (were’s on chapter 2) we also read Napoleon Hill’s, Self-Confidence Formula, from chapter three of Think and Grow Rich, once a day.  Mark calls this the Blueprint Builder, and you can find a copy of it by clicking on this link, Self-Confidence Formula.

So here’s a quick summary of what our day looks like so far:


Read Blueprint Builder (Self-Confidence Formula) out lout

Read DMP, Definite Major Purpose, out loud

Read the designated chapter of The Master Key System (We’re on week 2), and sit and think for 15 minutes as directed in that chapter

Read The Scroll Marked One, from The Greatest Salesman in the World silently


Scroll Marked One - Master Key System


Read DMP out loud

Read The Scroll Marked One


Read DMP out loud

Read The Scroll Marked One

But wait!  There’s more!  That is actually what our day looked like last week.  This week we have added some simple exercises to the mix.

First, we were directed by Mark J to close our eyes, ask our maker, in my case God, because I am a Christian, for guidance to help us know our truth about our true desire.  Then when we were to open our eyes, look down at a sheet of paper with the following list of 7 “Personal Pivotal Needs”, and choose two of them.

Personal Pivotal Needs (PPN’s)


Spiritual Growth



Helping Others

Recognition for Creative Expression

True Health

My PPN’s, in case you’re wondering, are helping others, and recognition for creative expression. I coached baseball for 17 plus seasons, and I love working with the kids, but in general, I’m a helper, and love helping people which is why I chose “helping others”. Now, as I sit here composing this blog post, I realize that the reason I chose “recognition for creative expression”, is tied into the fact that I love helping others.  I will someday, be on stage, teaching other network marketers the skills they need to succeed in this business.  These two PPN’s go hand in hand.

Second, we took a couple of index cards, and on the top we wrote, “I promise”, and on the bottom we wrote, “I always keep my promises”, and then signed under the latter.  On one we wrote a chore that we have been putting off, and a completion date of October, 13th, 2013. Mine was to re-screen our sliding glass door screen, as our dog tore it a while back, and I’ve had the new screen sitting there for about 2 months.  I re-screened it on the 10th… WOO HOO!

On the other cards we wrote that we promise to manifest our two PPN’s, so on mine I wrote, “I promise to manifest helping others, and recognition for creative expression”.  And lastly, we wrote, “I promise to repeat ‘Do it now’ 25 times, twice a day, out loud”.  Next to these statements we drew a blue triangle, and were instructed to think about our promises whenever we see the color blue.  WOW!  We read these index cards, three times a day.


Master Key System BrainSubconscious

It’s only week two of The Master Key Master Mind Alliance course, and we are really bombarding our subconscious mind with lot’s of great instructions, via the gate keeper, our conscious mind.Our subconscious mind is like a child, as it’s influenced by our conscious mind, hence it’s important to monitor what your conscious mind, your gate keeper, lets into your subconscious. You can also think of your conscious mind as a parent, who should NEVER, EVER allow anything negative near their child (the subconscious).