Master Key Master Mind Alliance Week 23 – Don’t Be Chicken

Slap in the faceIn this week’s Master Key Master Mind Alliance conference call, Davene Januszewski recalled a conversation that she had with Mark Januszewski in a coffee shop.  She said that Mark made the following statement to her, “You’ve been infected by the subcultures you run in, and they’ve been effected by society.”  This was like the truth slapped me in the face to me when I heard it.

Most of us do become infected by the groups that we run with.  Our parent’s, our friend’s, teacher’s, the media, and so on, give us their opinions, or rules, that we must follow in order to be normal, and most people seem to conform easily – infected.  Only then are we considered a member of our society.

But what happens if we don’t conform.  If we don’t believe, what they believe. People get weird right?  Davene also said, “They need you to conform to validate their choices.”  Another slap in the face!

When we live our lives, dictated by social norms, we become copies, of copies, of copies, which is something else that Davene stated.  Man!  So many slaps in the face, I think my head is going to fall off.

The rare people that decide to think for themselves are usually though of as weird, or freaks, or idiots, you name it.  People look at them and think that they have some kind of mental illness because they are not like everyone else, like the rest of society; however, those “freaks”, tend to be the true thinkers that can cause positive change in our society, in our world.  Walt Disney, Bill Gates, Roger Bannister, Nicola Tesla, were all thought to be a little crazy, or eccentric, with their “radical thoughts”, and ideas, but what did they accomplish by not conforming?  Well, you know.

This reminds me of a story that goes hand in hand with this.  It goes something like this.

At the edge of a forest, by a small farm, an newly hatched eagle had fallen out of a nest, but it safely landed in the grass.  The farmer happened to walk by and he saw it.  Thinking that it was one of his chicks, he took it and put it in the chicken coop (subcultures/society).

MKMMAThis little eagle grew up doing what the chickens did, and believing that he was a chicken.  He clucked like a chicken, he scratched at the ground like a chicken, and he even tried his hand at crowing like a rooster.  

In addition, the eagle, who had the ability to fly, in fact he had the ability to soar very high in the sky, never got more than a couple of feet off the ground his entire life.  The eagle lived an OK life, but he never realized, his true potential.

Are you an eagle living as a chicken, among chickens?

I know this, because of the Master Key Master Mind Alliance, my eyes have been opened.  I know I have unlimited potential, and I am no longer willing to live the life of a chicken.  I will think for myself, and really truly think because, thinking and prayer is the doorway to God, our omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent creator.

I will also be weary about who I listen to, and not come to conclusions so quickly based on what other people say.  I’ll think, and act, like an eagle, and soar high in the sky.

Master Key Master Mind Alliance Week 22a – I Have to Wear Shades

Changes - MKMMAThinking back over the past several months, I can see huge changes in my life thanks to the Master Key Master Mind Alliance.  These changes are due to the fact that Mark and Davene Januszewski, and Trish, have taught us how to properly use our minds to create a better outcome for ourselves.

Not only have we learned how to be happier people, but we have also learned to love others, unconditionally.  We have learned also, that we can manifest anything in our lives, and that we do this with laser focused concentration on the thing that we want.  This laser focus, in our quiet time (15 minutes or more), allows us to connect with the omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent creator, and for me, that’s my God of the Bible.

Connect with God - Master Key System

This, in fact, is what I’ve gotten most of from the Master Key Master Mind Alliance.  I have learned how to truly connect with God.  Just this one aspect of the MKMMA, to me, is the most important thing, because of my Christian faith.  A direct connection with God; Awesome!

I know that there are many other lessons within the Master Key Master Mind Alliance course that I don’t have the time to recap here; otherwise, you’d be reading a small book, and not a blog post.  Many people have had breakthroughs different from mine.  I have read some of them, and I am so happy for their successes.

MKMMA - Leaving the NestI am sad that the Master Key Master Mind Alliance is winding down, in fact, there are only a couple of weeks left in the course.  I am kind of emotional person as it is, so when it ends, I will feel some sorrow, and I will miss the conference calls, and the lessons taught by Mark, Davene, and Trish.  I look at it this way though, a parent raises a child up until it’s time for them to leave the nest (home), and then they are on their way to fail or succeed.

It will soon be time to leave the nest, but what we have been given is a strong, solid foundation, that most people walking this earth have never even been offered, so if we continue in the ways that we’ve been taught in the MKMMA, we will be creating remarkable lives for ourselves.  Although the MKMMA is almost over, I look forward to reviewing everything starting from week one of the Master Key Master Mind Alliance.  I’m excited to see the things that I may have missed along the way, and for the additional growth I will have.

Shades - Master Key SystemIt’s almost over, yes, but that’s just the MKMMA course.  Our lives will continue, and now we know how to create a secure, bright future.  In fact, for the first time in a long time I feel like my future is so bright, I have to wear shades.

Master Key Master Mind Alliance Week 21 – There’s Power in Prayer

(First off, I’d like to apologize to those of you who frequent my blog, as I was late getting this posted.  I was actually on a cruise with the boss… Uh, I mean my wife, so I got to it as soon as I could.  Thanks for stopping by, and here you go.)  :)


MKMMA memeSometimes, and I’m assuming that it’s the same for most people, I don’t completely grasp a concept like I thought I did, but then I hear an analogy, example, or story that puts it all into perspective. This happened to me while studying the Master Key System this week. In the introduction to chapter 21, Haanel writes the following:


In paragraph 8 you will find that everything which we hold in our consciousness for any length of time becomes impressed upon our subconsciousness and so becomes a pattern which the creative energy will wave into our life and environment. This is the secret of the wonderful power of prayer.

And in paragraph 8, Haanel wrote:

8. When we realize these facts concerning mind we understand how we may bring ourselves any condition by creating the corresponding conditions in our consciousness, because everything which is held for any length of time in the consciousness, eventually becomes impressed upon the subconscious and thus becomes a pattern which the creative energy will wave into the life and environment of the individual.

Master Key System - Power of PrayerThis helped me to realize that my prayers have not been laser focused, like the rays of the sun shining through a magnifying glass and creating heat, hot enough to start a fire (energy).  Yes, I pray to God (Our omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent creator), in Jesus’ name; however, something in those sentences made me come to the realization that just “praying” a few words, which usually takes me about 3 – 5 minutes is not how to pray.  The key is focus, and concentration.

In the Bible, 1 Thessalonians 5:17, it says, “Pray without ceasing.”

I thus realized that I prayed briefly, and not commonly with fervor, as I should.  This is where God’s power lies.

In addition, in Philippians 4:6, it states, “Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.”

That means that you need to ask, and pray, with focus and concentration, on the things you desire.  Which leads me to another thought if I may.  The Bible is filled with thought about love, and kindness, and the Master Key Master Mind Alliance is in agreement with His (God’s) teaching.  In fact, my favorite affirmation that we say on a daily basis goes like this:

I promise to keep these four promises.

I promise that wherever I go I bring a gift.  I may bring a compliment, trinket, prayer, flower, but I promise I will give something to every person I encounter.

I promise to be a grateful receiver of the gifts that surround me, noticing nature, kindness, smiles and compliments, which I gladly receive with at “thank you”.

I promise to give the hope for joy, affluence, kindness and love, consciously with every encounter, regardless of brevity.

I promise to give without expectation of reciprocity from the channels I enrich, because I know I am in the dynamic flow of giving and receiving.

I always keep my promises,

Edward Rubi

kindnessThis affirmation speaks of love, kindness, and giving.  It’s exercises like this, that Mark Januszewski has us do in the Master Key Master Mind Alliance that shows me how different this is than any other “self development” course I’ve taken.  Mark and Davene have created something special, that is making me a better Christian, and improving other people lives in different ways.  I thank God that He led me to this course, because it has made our relationship stronger.

Lastly, and this is like icing on the cake in this post.  Here is a video of Mark J, showing people in Kauai, Hawaii some love, on behalf of the 200 + members of the Master Key Master Mind Alliance.  Thank you Mark, Davene, and Trish the Dish too, for all you do. This is a life changer for those that have remained devout.

Master Key Master Mind Alliance Week 19 – Connected to God

During each week of the Master Key Master Mind Alliance, there there are a variety of things that we can blog about, and this week is no exception.  This week; however, I would like to discuss something that has happened to me during the MKMMA journey, that I am so elated about.  Something that was totally unexpected, but so very welcomed in my life, and that’s my relationship with God.

MKMMA - The sitOne of the things that we do on a daily basis is sit, and think for at least 15 minutes at a time.  The Master Keys System actually gives us specific things to think about while we have our “15 minute sit”.  For example, one week, we were instructed to think about, imagine if you will, your favorite flower.  We were to sit for 15 minutes and visualize, in our minds, planting the seed, watering it, caring for it, and placing it in where it will get direct sunlight.  We were then to imagine the seed bursting into a living thing.  We saw the roots penetrating the earth, and imagined them shooting out in all directions.  We saw the stem shooting out of the earth, reaching for the sunshine.  You get the idea.  We saw this, one of God’s creations grow, from a seed, to His magnificent creation.

I had never really sat quietly for any length of time, but we have been sitting now, quietly for several months.  I used to struggle with it, but now I enjoy it, and I never thought that I would “enjoy” sitting and thinking.

Thinking has caused me to connect with God in a more powerful way.  In the Master Key System, Haanel writes that thinking is the only way to connect with the Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent creator.  To me, that’s God, and I have to say that I have been guilty of just throwing out a prayer, not on a regular basis mind you, that had little substance if any.

Connection to God - MKMMA

Now, when I open my Bible, I have a strong feeling of a connection to God.  I understand now, that in my quiet time with my Lord, is when the magic happens.  When I read the words in my Bible, I know that it is God speaking to me, and what He says in His Word (The Bible), are His promises to His people (me and you), and there’s nothing more powerful than that.

I am grateful, first of all to God for creating us.  I’m grateful for the Bible, and God’s word. I’m grateful for the Master Key System, and I’m grateful for Mark and Davene Januszewski, for putting the Master Key Master Mind Alliance together.  This has strengthened, and created a stronger connection to Christ for me, and there’s nothing more important than that.

Master Key Master Mind Alliance Week 15 – Thorn in my Flesh

There’s a passage in the Bible, in Corinthians, where the apostle Paul talks about “a thorn in the flesh“.  I have heard it said that this is some kind of physical ailment, but it’s not specific as to what it is exactly.  I have a thorn in the flesh, of sorts, that I have not told too many people about, but today I will be stepping out of my comfort zone and revealing it in this blog.

This thorn in my flesh, is something that causes me sorrow, when I observe other people suffering from the same delusion as I do.  My issue is this, when I look into a mirror, I have rarely been happy with the person that I see, “The man staring back from the glass”.

Master Key System - Nature's Greatest MiracleI’ve seen a man whose skin is too dark, who’s too fat, or who’s not good looking enough. A guy who’s not tall enough, and whose teeth are not white enough, and has an awful smile. I know that the way I perceive myself is distorted, but it has been my thorn for a while.  And oddly enough, as I mentioned above, I know that other people, many times, feel the same way about themselves; however, I know that they shouldn’t, and I also know that I shouldn’t.

And this bring me to something that we have done in the Master Key Master Mind Alliance course.  Og Mandino, has written a book, that many of you may have heard of called The Greatest Salesman in the World, and we have been reading “The Scrolls” that begin in chapter 8.  We are to read a scroll, three times a day, for thirty days, starting with chapter one.  Right now we are on scroll four, and we’ve been reading this scroll now for ten days, and it’s slowly disintegrating my thorn.

MKMMA - Greatest Salesman in the WorldIf you doubt that affirmations work, and that they have no effect on a person, I beg to differ. From The Scroll Marked IV, the following lines have stuck in my mind.  Many of these things I have never thought about, but should have realized.  I’ve felt this for others; however, I never really applied them to myself.  These are snippet’s from The Scroll Marked IV that speak to me.

I am nature’s greatest miracle.

Since the beginning of time never has there been another with my mind, my heart, my eyes, my ears, my hands, my hair, my mouth.  None that came before, none that live today, and none that come tomorrow can walk and talk and move and think exactly like me.  All men are my brothers yet I am different from each.  I am a unique creature.

None can duplicate my brush strokes, none can make my chisel marks, none can duplicate my handwriting, none can produce my child…

And most of all, this next phrase has embedded in my psyche:

I am a unique creature of nature.


I am not on this earth by chance.  I am here for a purpose and that purpose is to grow into a mountain, not to shrink to a grain of sand.  Henceforth will I apply all my efforts to become the highest mountain of all and I strain my potential until it cries for mercy.

In addition, Mark Januszewski, during a few conference calls has said, “The whole is greater than the sum of the parts”, and hearing that several times, and reading this month’s scroll, have caused something in my subconscious to click.  It’s not the color of my skin, my weight, my looks, my stature, my teeth, or my smile, that make me who I am, those are just the parts; the unique parts.  I am unique, and I will now look at the whole Ed, not the individual parts of Ed.  (And no, I don’t make it a habit to speak in third person :) )

MKMMA - The Whole is GreaterI am nature’s (God’s) greatest miracle, and since taking the MKMMA course, I have bettered myself in many ways, and this particular change in me was unexpected, but I’m grateful for it. Please, if you ever feel about yourself, as I described my feelings above, remember that you are God’s greatest miracle, and He loves you.  I love you too.

I will end this post with a video.  I saw this video months ago, and it made me cry.  I felt bad for the women in the video who had a skewed image of themselves, and at the time I never realized that I was doing the same thing to myself.  I will never see myself the same way after taking Mark J’s, MKMMA course.  From now on, I will see the whole Ed, and quit focusing on my individual parts, because those parts include something that I am very proud of, and that’s my heart, and my love for others.

Master Key Master Mind Alliance Week 14 – Rudy (The Movie), and Persistence

RUDY - Master Key Master Mind AllianceFor week 14 we were asked to watch a movie, and then blog about the persistence that the protagonist showed in the movie.  I chose to watch a movie that I had never seen before, and as the title of this post reveals, I chose Rudy, starring Sean Astin, as Daniel E. ‘Rudy’ Ruettiger.

The movie starts with Daniel Eugene “Rudy” Ruettiger, who grew up in a steel mill town, and his Definite Major Purpose (DMP) in life is to play football for Notre Dame. This was going to be a difficult task, because he was not a big man.  In fact, the real Rudy Ruettinger, was only 5″6, and when I say “only”, I don’t mean anything by it, as that’s how tall I am.  :)

The game, and school, mean the world to his father, and Rudy’s dreamed of playing there since he was a kid.  His brother’s gave him a hard time though, and kinda babied him all his life, so he wouldn’t get hurt playing football with the neighborhood kids.  They would have him play positions where he would not get hurt, but he insisted on playing other, much harder positions, and he was all heart where ever he played.  The following clip is from Rudy, and it was one of my favorites.  It shows how much heart Rudy had, and how NOTHING was gonna stop him.

When I saw that they were trying to protect their little brother, I thought to myself that that’s what people tend to do to each other.  Your parents may try to protect you, and tell you to get real, and quit dreaming.  Your friends may say that you’re a day dreamer, and you should get a real job.  Your acquaintances may think that your dreams are foolish, and they may think that because they don’t want you getting hurt, or because they’re jealous.  Our dreams, by the time that we reach adulthood, are often put on the back burner and forgotten.  All because we are told to “get real”, and follow the 95% that are miserable with their lives, and/or just getting by financially.

So, Rudy, at one point in the movie was dissuaded by one of his high school teachers, a priest, just as he was going to board a bus that was taking students to tour the Notre Dame campus.  Rudy was excited, and right when he was the next person that was to get on the bus, that’s when the teacher stopped him and asked him what he thought he was doing, and told him he would never go to Notre Dame, because he didn’t have the grades.  Rudy walked away from the bus that day, and this delayed his actually playing for Notre Dame about four years.

One day, during those four years, his best friend, someone who always believed in him, had an accident at that steel mill where they both worked, and Rudy saw his best friend get killed.  This reignited his Definite Major Purpose in his life, and he focused once again on what was really important to him, playing football at Notre Dame.  (Spoiler alert!)  He finally did achieve what he always dreamed of, although it wasn’t easy.

This made me think about an interesting thing that we learned in the Master Key System. We were taught something called, The Law of Dual Thought.  The Law of Dual Thought states that, “Thought is a combination of ideation and feeling.  We can attach any feeling to a thought we want.”  We were also taught to read our DMP’s with enthuuuuuusiasm, like Mark Januszewski likes to say, and emotion.  This gets our goals and dreams into our subconscious, and creates a demand in our subby.  This demand causes our subconscious mind to work 24/7 to meet the demand we put on it.  It’s like emotion is the glue that makes our dreams stick, and become real.

I once read somewhere, that at times of heightened emotion, is when change happensemotion in a person. Infusing our DMP with emotion creates changes in our subconscious, and change happens.  When Rudy’s saw his best friend killed, his emotions were heightened, and Rudy’s mindset changed, and his life changed.  He stopped listening to the people that were jealous of his dreams, or were trying to “protect” him, and started living by the compass – with complete focus on his purpose.

I could go on and on, but I’ll stop.  These are the most important things that I gleaned from watching this movie.  First of all, hold on to your dreams, and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t accomplish something that you set your mind to.  Also, infuse your dreams with emotion, and create a demand on your subconscious, so it will help you achieve the things you want whether it’s playing for Notre Dame, or owning a red Lamborghini.  You CAN do it… Just FOCUS with a BURNING DESIRE, and never be dissuaded.

Master Key Master Mind Alliance Week 11 – Childlike Belief

MKMMA Master Key SystemIn the Charles Haanel’s, Master Key System, in chapter 11, he reminds us of the Bible scripture that says, “What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them” (Mark 11:24).  Another translation, and the one that I use states, “Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them.“ ~NKJV


The scripture immediately before verse 24 states, “For assuredly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be removed and be cast into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that those things he says will be done, he will have whatever he says.” (Mark 11:23, NKJV).  I would think that these two scriptures would go hand in hand, and not be separated when talking about belief, but at least in this case, they were.

Scolding - MKMMA


It’s easy to see why they are both important.  We, as humans, run into many mountains in our lifetime, and some of them, without strong belief, can crush us.  We must believe! It’s very important but, sadly, the desire to believe is trained out of us from a very young age.

Think about the little boy, or girl, when talking about how much they love to swim exclaims, “When I grow up, I’m gonna have an ginormous swimming pool inside of my house, and I’m gonna buy one for my neighbor, and my best friend, and my cousin Alex.”  What would most rational adults say to a statement like that?  ”Oh, no.  That’s not possible”. “Oh, that’s silly, stop dreaming and get real.”  ”Now come on Paul, stop day dreaming, and act like a grown up”.  On and on it goes, until we forget how to dream, and dream big, or we are afraid if we do, we’ll be ridiculed.

Dream Big MKMMA

I’ll tell you this, if not dreaming means you have grown up… Then no thank you, I’d rather dream like a child, than waste away as an adult.  When dreams are dashed, so are beliefs, and when you think of the young dreamer, don’t you think that he truly believes his dreams with all his heart.  I think so.

I decided, even before starting the Master Key Master Mind Alliance, that I will not settle for being an adult in the sense that my dreams no longer matter.  I’ve learned, while in Mark Januszewski’s, MKMMA course, how to vividly dream again, how to truly think, and how to truly believe, and connect with my Lord and Savior.  I can see my dreams and my future clearly, and it’s so bright, that I have to wear shades.  I dream big… Like a child.

Master Key Master Mind Alliance Week 8 – Grateful

Anthony Robbins - MKMMAThis week, I will keep my post short, and give you some of the main observations from what I have learned so far.  I am a big Anthony Robbins fan, arguably the most popular personal development guru out there, and I love what he does for people.  I believe that he has a heart for the people that choose to listen to him, and a heart for the people that don’t.  I believe that he is a man of integrity, and that he loves God.  This is what I have gathered, based on all the programs that I’ve bought from him; however, I personally don’t consider Tony Robbins personal development programs to be the best anymore.

Mark & Davene Januszewski

I BELIEVE, in my heart, and in my spirit, that the team of Mark and Davene Januszewski any of Robbin’s programs.  I believe that what the Januszewski’s have done with their Master Key Master Mind Alliance program far exceeds anything any other personal development guru has tried to accomplish.  This MKMMA course, I know, is something done from their hearts, and they want us all to succeed in any personal goal that we might have.  They also, and most of all, want us to find our own personal BLISS, and live it.

Mark and Davene have immersed us, their MKMMA members, in a total and complete, positive mental environment, without directing us as to what our personal goals should be.  We, are finding our own way, and all our paths are different.

Here is what I have found.  Each and everyone of us is unique (obvious), but most of us don’t realize what our true potential is (we’re lost).  We do have the ability to find our way, and find our bliss, and with the Master Key Master Mind Alliance, we have a short cut to our personal purpose.

MKMMA - ConfidenceI have never felt more sure of where I’m going.  I have never felt more confidence about my personal outcome.  I have rarely been more confident of myself, and I can’t tell you what a relief that is, as I have mentally, physically, and financially struggled through life for the last several years.  For this, I’m grateful, first of all to God, and then to the Januszewski’s.  Thank you!

Master Key Master Mind Alliance Week 5 – Press Release Assignment Proves Illuminative

CLICK! I woke up at 2 AM. It was like someone turned on a switch, and that was it; I wasn’t going to fall back asleep anytime soon.

2 AM - Master Key Master Mind Alliance

I knew that I had to get my Press Release composed, and posted on my blog, before the end of Thursday, October 31, 2013. It was a requirement to maintain our Master Key Master Mind Alliance scholarships.  I knew that I would have plenty of time, even if I woke up at my normal time, to get it done before the deadline, but the thought of it would not leave me, so I got out of bed, and went into my office to get started.

Press Release - Master Key SystemI’m the type of person that will spend at least three hours on something like this project, and it took me five. I wrote it, read it, rewrote it, read it, rewrote it… Well, you get the picture. In addition to writing the article, I had to select the pictures that I wanted to put in the post, and that’s a whole other can of worms. It’s funny how my mind works.

One of the first things that we were asked to do for the Master Key Master Mind Alliance course was to write our Definite Major Purpose, or DMP. This is basically the things in life that we want to achieve. For example, one of the goals that I have on my DMP is to help others, including family, and anonymously help people that I don’t know.

The Press Release was to be written as if we already accomplished the things on our DMP, and we were being interviewed about how we did it, and what we did. This assignment was something that struck me as just another writing assignment, but it was POWERFUL!

Crying - MKMMA

I got to a certain point in my writing where I get teary eyed, and the emotions that this project drew out were very strong. During the entire process of writing, and rewriting it really felt as though the things on my DMP had already been completed. I felt joy, excitement, fulfillment, contentment, and love.


I’ve never considered writing about my goals in this manner, but it was yet another tool that Mark J had up his sleeve to change our thinking, and rewrite the old blueprint that’s been embedded in our minds for a long time now. This is hard work, it’s not a walk in the park, we’re just in week 5, and I know that there are many that will drop out before the 26 weeks is up, and I wish that wasn’t true.  I do know though, that I cannot wait to see what’s else is in store for us in the upcoming 21 weeks.  If this is just the beginning, I can only imagine the remarkable path that’s still ahead of us.