Master Key Master Mind Alliance Week 6 – A Very Visual Week

Week 6 of the Master Key Master Mind Alliance was a very visual week.  By that I mean we put together a “Movie Poster” per Mark Januszewski’s instructions.  This movie poster is more commonly known as a dream board, and although Mark said it took him 20 minutes to put his together, it actually took me 6 hours… Uh, such is the way my mind works.  :/ Below, for your viewing pleasure, is a picture of mine.

Master Key Master Mind Alliance - Movie Poster


We were told to write/type our goals, from our Definite Major Purpose, into the 4 shapes that you see in the picture.  For example if you look at the upper right hand corner of my movie poster, you’ll see a blue rectangle.  In that rectangle are some is one of my “Personal Pivotal Needs”, a goal that I will accomplish, along with my target date.  I included a picture of this below.

Personal Pivotal Needs - Master Key Master Mind AllianceI Photoshopped my head into the picture of “me”, next to the BMW, and into the picture of a person doing training at a network marketing event.  I had to find just the right picture, and I had to Photoshop my face in, because otherwise, it pains me to look at it if it’s sloppy.  There you go, a peek into my psyche.

Although it took me some time to finish this, I enjoyed the final product.  This, to me, has been the most enjoyable task that we’ve had to complete.  We also were told to get creative, and print out small pictures of our Movie Poster, and use them as a bookmark, put them around the house, and so on.

We are really saturating our mind with what the kind of life that we want to manifest for ourselves.  We’ve done so much, so far, and we are only into week 6.  It’s hard for me to imagine what more we could possibly do to condition our minds for success.  I just know that I trust Mark and Davene are going to shock us with more awesome exercises to change our mental blueprint for the better.  I can’t wait!